Direct Billing

Direct billing is a convenient service provided by dental clinics that allows patients to have their dental expenses billed directly to their insurance provider. The benefits of direct billing include hassle-free payment processing, reduced out-of-pocket expenses, and enhanced convenience for patients.

The process involves the dental clinic submitting the insurance claim on behalf of the patient, eliminating the need for the patient to handle the paperwork and wait for reimbursement, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment experience.


Ontario Fee Guide

In Ontario, the Ontario Fee Guide is a standardized fee schedule established by the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) that outlines the suggested fees for dental procedures. At Humberview, we adhere to the Ontario Fee Guide to ensure transparency and fairness in our pricing.

By following the Fee Guide, patients benefit from knowing that our fees align with the industry standard, providing them with peace of mind and a clear understanding of the cost of their dental treatments. This helps patients make informed decisions about their oral health without any surprises. We believe in providing high-quality dental care at reasonable and consistent prices, and the Ontario Fee Guide allows us to do just that for our valued patients.